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Peace Lutheran Primary SchoolPLPS 01


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The brief from the client for this development was to create a unique / contemporary medium to high density development in a low density residential neighbourhood without detracting from the existing streetscape of predominately detached housing. The outcome produced a total of 61 townhouses, all with interesting and varied forms, textures and mass.

To reduce the perceived appearance of a medium density development, each of the 61 townhouses varies in material, colour and/or building form. The streetscape of Pulgul and Moolyyir Streets was further enhanced by retaining existing matured trees, incorporating pedestrian movement into the site and creating visual links and views to Fraser Island. The villas located along Pulgul and Moolyyir Streets have been sited in “duplex style” to reduce building bulk and to be sympathetic to adjacent residential developments. The layering and colour enhancement of the external walls are designed to reduce building mass and provide visual interest.

The buildings were clad in a mixture of lightweight materials consisting of fibre cement, corrugated sheeting and polystyrene panelling. The use of timber and aluminium batten screening not only provides privacy but are positioned to provide filtered light to internal living spaces. The planning of the villas intended to create an ‘open plan living’ style while increasing cross-ventilation of cooling breezes and thereby reduce the need for air-conditioning.
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St MargaretsSMAGS 02

The new Arts Centre for St. Margaret’s Anglican Girls School provides art studios and classrooms as well as gallery / exhibition spaces for students to view and display their artwork.

The design philosophy manifested during the master planning redevelopment of the school was to incorporate an Arts Centre on the southern portion of the school campus while maintaining expansive views of Brisbane City from circular drive and Mooloomburram, the main reception and administration area for St. Margaret’s Anglican Girls School.

The site has special qualities and the design philosophy takes this into consideration and provides for maintaining and enhancing sensitive areas. The Arts Centre has been sited on the existing lower terraced netball courts while terraced roof space to the Arts Centre gives generosity to the existing circular drive and forecourt. The Arts Centre was also sited to cantilever over the existing pool seating to provide protection to students during summer swimming carnivals.

The design recognises the scale of existing buildings both on and off the site, and offers an articulation of scale through a variety of materials and architectural language. The Arts Centre was an intentional contemporary design as a counterpoint to the older buildings on the site. Elements incorporated into the design to enhance contemporary vernacular are extended roof overhangs, transparent screens and thin edges to sunshading devices.

The planning of the Arts Centre includes classrooms, Art Studios, photography darkroom and a Music / Drama Workshop, all aligned along a common passage. This common passage doubles as a gallery / exhibition space for students. The largest and most interesting of spaces are the large volume music / drama workshop and multi-purpose rooms contained within a glass wedge to the eastern edge of the site.